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Server Data Recovery

When your company server with mission critical data becomes inaccessible, you may be faced with a serious business continuity issue. Whilst backup data may be a short-term solution, the data stored in the failed server is still the most up to date. With no access to this live data you need immediate solutions.

Our server data recovery services are available 24 hours. With just a phone call away we can start to recover your data. When you need server data recovery you will get immediate access to our team of data recovery specialists with over 12 years of experience recovering data from many types of servers.

We have recovered hundreds of terabytes of data over the years for companies, schools, universities, local authorities and government agencies that have relied on our server data recovery services. From multiple disk file servers, application servers to mail servers and web servers, we have seen them all.

Here are just a few of the servers that we have recovered data from recently;

RAID Server Recovery
Dell Sever
HP Server
Compaq Server
Adaptec RAID server
Iomega RAID server
RAID Array Recovery
Win RAID array
Linux RAID array
MAC RAID array
Unix RAID array
Novell RAID array
RAID Server Recovered

RAID Recovery Help

Why compromise with unknown data recovery companies. DiskEng is a UK recognised data recovery company that have been recovering data for over 12 years and know exactly how serious the issue can be.

Call us today and speak to one of data recovery specialists and let us recover your RAID server data.

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