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RAID 5 Recovery

RAID 5 storage arrays are one of the most popular forms of RAID arrays. RAID 5 combines redundancy and speed with efficient use of storage and so is commonly used for server storage solutions.

RAID 5 disk configuration is a setup where the data is striped along with distributed parity information across a minimum of three or more hard disks. The striping gives you speed and the distributed parity provides fault tolerance. Should one of the disks fail, data on the failed disk can be rebuilt from the parity information stored on the remaining working disks.

When a RAID 5 array fails RAID 5 recovery is still possible because of the redundancy capability. However if more than one disk in the RAID 5 array fails at the same time then the missing data from the failed disks may not be rebuilt without expertise and RAID 5 data recovery experience.

RAID 5 data recovery requires thorough understanding of the RAID disk sequencing, RAID stripe lengths and XOR parity information along with experience in file systems and data structures.

DiskEng RAID 5 data recovery specialists can recover your data from any RAID 5 storage array. For many years now our RAID 5 recovery specialists have been recovering data from a wide range of complex RAID arrays, this includes software RAID 5 and hardware RAID 5 arrays. Below some of the popular RAID arrays we have recovered data from;

RAID 5 Server Recovery
NetWare RAID arrays
NTFS RAID arrays
MAC RAID arrays
UNIX RAID arrays
XFS RAID arrays
And others.
Raid 5 Data Recovery

RAID 5 Recovery Help

If your RAID 5 volume becomes inaccessible, do not panic, our RAID 5 recovery experts have recovered data from hundreds of RAID servers. For expert advice speak to our data recovery specialists today, your data loss can be resolved quickly and easily.

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