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RAID Rebuild Failure

One of the most common problems encountered by those implementing an enterprise server solution, is the need to attempt a RAID rebuild. When a disk encounters unreadable bad sectors, or fails due to a hardware failure, the usual procedure is to attempt to replace the faulty hard disk drive and rebuild the data onto it.

In these circumstances it is important not to panic, because your decisions are important in avoiding any data loss. An incorrect decision could lead to the integrity of the RAID array being comprised, which could make RAID the data recovery process more complex than is necessary.

Degraded Mode

When a disk fails in a RAID array with redundancy, it will enter degraded mode, which allows it to continue operating. It is an error however to continue using the RAID in this mode for longer than is necessary.

The hard disk drives contained in a RAID array are often obtained from the same source and batch, and then operate in the same environment, which means that when one drive fails, it is highly likely that another will fail with another 24 hours. This means that action is required immediately otherwise the need for RAID data recovery will be almost certain.

Seek Expert Advice

Under no circumstances should you allow somebody unqualified to attempt to rebuild or recovery your RAID array. Any attempt at a rebuild should be undertaken in a professional and orderly manner, with any drives swapped being labelled, and all other actions carefully noted.

As already stated, the likelihood of another failure occurring within 24 hours is high, which means that an error can happen during a rebuild. If an error occurs during the rebuild process, it is important that no further attempts to fix the problem are made, otherwise the situation could become worse, and lead to a loss of data.

RAID Data Recovery

Anyone using a RAID system is likely to have important data which they cannot afford to lose, so it is essential not to take any action which could risk business continuity. If a RAID rebuild fails, it is important to power the RAID server down and contact DiskEng emergency RAID recovery services, to consult with a data recovery specialist.

When a failure occurs during a RAID rebuild, the best course of action is trust your data to the RAID recovery specialists. DiskEng have the in-depth knowledge and expertise to recover your data from any RAID configuration, containing any file system, whatever the size of the server.

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