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RAID Configuration Error

“Many thanks for returning some extremely important files not backed up, after our RAID died. When our RAID was set up we were told it was a RAID 5 array but when it failed an engineer told us it wasn’t and recommended calling DiskEng. Excellent service.”

Will Ashbourne, withheld, North London

A RAID array box containing five 4TB HGST drives arrive from North London at our laboratory in Oxford. The drives were examined revealing that all the drives were in working condition. When our engineers secured sector-by-sector image copies of each drive they found that one drive contained approximate a hundred unreadable bad sectors.

The secured drive images were examined by our RAID recovery specialists revealing that the disks had been configured using a RAID 0 array architecture, providing no redundancy. Once the configuration was identified a virtual RAID array was created.

Our RAID recovery specialists examined the virtual RAID array, revealing it to contain a single 20TB NTFS data volume. This data volume contained approximately 8.3TB of files, consisting of virtual disk images, database files, scanned images, photos, videos and a large assortment of office documents. A detailed scan revealed that a one of the database files and a virtual disk image files had been damaged by the unreadable, fortunately files which the client had backups.

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