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RAID 50 Volume Corruption

“Following a series of power outages our RAID array would no longer mount on our Windows Server. After contacting technical support we were advised to send the RAID for data recovery. DiskEng have proved to be an excellent choice, return our data quickly.”

Nigel Andress, company name confidential, Central London

A ten disk RAID array arrived at our offices from Central London. The RAID array contained 10 2TB Western Digital hard disk drives, which were examined by our hardware data recovery specialists, who found them to be in working order. Sector-by-sector images of all ten hard disk drives were secured to our servers, with no problems encountered during the process.

The secured drive images were examined revealing that the RAID contained parity data usually associated with a RAID 5 configuration. The analysis however revealed that there were two parity stripes for set of data striped across the disks. It was soon apparent that the data was striped across a pair of RAID 5 arrays each containing five disks. It was determined by our data recovery specialists that a RAID 50 configuration was being used, for which a virtual RAID was created.

Our data recovery specialists found a single 16TB NTFS data volume. An in-depth analysis of the NTFS data volume revealed corruption to some important metadata structures, which stopped Windows being able to mount it. There was also some damage to one directory, which could be overcome by, as this information is redundant for data recovery purposes. Our data recovery specialists were able to recover 5.6TB data from the NTFS volume, which was returned to the customer.

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