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RAID 50 NAS Rebuild Failure

“Our 12TB NAS failed during a disk rebuild process, taking it offline. The engineer recommended DiskEng to us, who did a fast and efficient job of recovering our data.”

Victor Duran, Bracknell

We received NAS RAID box from Bracknell at our laboratory in Oxford, containing eight 2TB HGST hard disk drives. An examination of the drives by hardware data recovery specialists revealed that one of the drives had failed due to a controller failure. An examination of the other drives revealed no apparent problem.

Our hardware recovery engineers were able to overcome the problems with the failed drive, by replacing the controller card. This enabled our data recovery specialist to secure sector-by-sector copies of each drive. During the imaging of the failed drive a dozen bad sectors were encountered while five bad sectors were encountered on another of the drives. The other six drives were imaged without any errors.

The images of the drives were examined by our RAID data recovery specialists, which revealed the array contained a parity. A further detailed analysis revealed that two parity stripes were present, each pertaining to a separate RAID 5 configuration using four of the disks. With RAID 5 arrays, the bad sectors can usually be recovered using the parity information, as was the case in this situation.

The RAID 5 arrays were then striped using a RAID 0 configuration, for which a virtual RAID array was created. Our RAID data recovery engineers examined the virtual RAID array, which was found to contain two 4TB XFS data volumes, one containing approximately 1.5TB and the other 2.2TB. The recovered data consisted of an assortment of office documents, databases, photos and other assorted user files.

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