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RAID 50 Failure After Flood

“A big thank you for recovering our data. When our basement was flooded it caused the power to fail, taking our RAID server offline. Once the power could be restored our RAID array failed to appear on our server. An engineer found that a power surge had caused the RAID backplane to fail. Unfortunately after replacing it the RAID would not come online, as the configuration was lost.”

A Shah, London

Ten 4TB HGST hard disk drive arrived at our laboratory in Oxford from London. An inspection of the drives by our data recovery specialists revealed no physical problems with any of the drives. Our data recovery engineers secured sector-by-sector images of each drive, finding no problems during the process.

An inspection of the drive images by our data recovery specialists revealed evidence of parity data, relating to a RAID 5 configuration. Further detailed analysed revealed that drives had been split into a pair of RAID 5 arrays. These two RAID 5 arrays had been configured using striping as a RAID 0 array. A virtual RAID 50 configuration was created, allowing the data to be access using our in-house software.

The analysis of the virtual RAID 50 array by our data recovery engineers revealed a pair of 16TB NTFS data volumes, containing 5.4TB and 1.3TB of files. The files consisted of a variety of database files, virtual data images, software, photos, scanned images and a large number of office documents. Although the RAID was stopped while in operation, there was no evidence of any damage caused by the sudden failure.

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