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RAID 5 Array Failure

“Following the failure of a production RAID server we looked at downloading from our cloud backup. After realising it would take over a week to restore the files we looked at data recovery options. DiskEng proved invaluable returning our files inside two days.”

Darryl Caulfield, Confidential, Hammersmith London

We received a RAID array containing six 2TB Western Digital hard disk drives at our laboratory in Oxford from London. A detailed examination revealed that one of the drives had suffered from overheating, which had caused a failure of the read/write head, leading to physical damage of the disk platter surface. Our hard disk specialists were able to overcome the issue with the read/write heads, and recover approximately 85% of the disk sectors. The other five drives, were still working, but two of them had a number of unreadable sectors, which had caused a rebuild to fail.

The RAID array was configured using RAID 5, which means that we were able to use the parity information to create a virtual RAID 5 array. From this virtual RAID 5 array, we were able to recover 3.7TB of data files, with only one file affected by the unrecoverable sectors. Our RAID data recovery engineers recovered the 3.7TB of data in less than two days which was then delivered to the client.

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