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RAID 5 Array Failure

“DiskEng have saved our business after the failure of our RAID system. I cannot thank them enough for the hard work they have put in to return our data.”

Pavel Hachek, Newbury

A RAID server box arrived from Newbury at our laboratory in Oxford, which contained six 3TB Western Digital hard disk drives. An examination of the array by our RAID hardware data recovery specialists revealed that a failure of the backplane controller had occurred. The drives were examined revealing that one of the hard drives had also suffered a controller failure, with the rest of the drives apparently working correctly.

Using a donor controller card our hardware data recovery engineers were able to overcome the problems with the failed drive, allowing them to secure sector-by-sector copies of all six drives. All drives were successfully imaged with no unreadable bad sectors encountered during the process.

An examination of the images by our RAID data recovery specialists, revealed a single parity stripe distributed across the drives, indicating a RAID 5 architecture. Our RAID recovery specialists were able to determine the order of the drives and data striping lengths, allowing a virtual RAID array to be created.

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