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NAS RAID Unit Failure

“A rebuild of our RAID failed after replacing a damaged drive in our NAS box, which forced it offline. Our engineer told us to send it for data recovery, suggesting DiskEng. Excellent service and many thanks for returning our data.”

Ray Aston, Bath

We received a NAS RAID array containing five 2TB HGST hard disk drives at our laboratory in Oxford from Bath. Our hardware data recovery engineers inspected the hard disk drives revealing them to all start up correctly. Our engineers them secured images of each of the drive to our servers. During the sector-by-sector imaging process three of the five drives were found to be suffering unreadable bad sectors. One of the damaged drives contained approximately 200 unreadable bad sectors, the second approximately 50 and the third a dozen.

Our RAID data recovery specialists examined the disk images in order to determine the RAID configuration used. When the images were examined it revealed it contained a RAID 5 array configured across all five drives. The distributed parity used on RAID is able to cope with damage to one drive, but once another drive was found to be damage during the rebuild, it took the array offline.

Our RAID data recovery specialists were able to create a virtual RAID 5 array. When the virtual RAID array was examined, it revealed that the unreadable bad sectors were at different locations, allowing the parity to be used to recreate the data. When the virtual RAID configuration was inspected our RAID engineers discovered it to contain a single 8TB XFS data volume, which contained approximately 3.4TB of assorted data files, all of which were recovered and returned to the customer.

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