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NAS RAID Failure

“Following a disk failure, our attempt to rebuild our RAID failed, resulting our NAS box going offline. Following consultation with the manufacturer, we contacted several data recovery companies. I’m pleased with our choice of DiskEng, who recovered all our data. A huge thank you for all the work and advice.”

Don Dervish, Dervish Research, Maidenhead

A NAS RAID array containing four 2TB Western Digital hard disk drives arrived at our laboratory in Oxford from Maidenhead. An inspection of the hard disk drive by our hardware data recovery engineers found them to all be working. During the sector-by-sector imaging process two of the four drives were found to contain unreadable bad sectors.

The disk images were then analysed by our RAID data recovery specialists to determine the RAID configuration used. It was soon revealed that a RAID 10 mirrored stripe had been used, to provide the maximum level of data redundancy. The reason for the failure was due to a mirrored pair both encountering unreadable bad sectors. These bad sectors could be overcome by using the corresponding sectors which had been read from the other drive in the pair.

The resulting virtual RAID configuration found a 3.8TB XFS data volume containing approximately 2.1TB of assorted data files, which were recovered intact and return to the customer.

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