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NAS RAID Array Failure

“The failure of our QNAP NAS enclosure severely disrupted our operations, threatening to put us out of business. It was important for an extremely fast recovery of our files. We are extremely pleased with the rapid turnaround and other advice. Many thanks.”

Vernon Waters, Maidenhead

A 4-bay QNAP NAS enclosure, containing four 2TB Western Digital red NAS hard disk drives arrived at our laboratory in Oxford from Maidenhead following a hardware failure. A problem with the controller board in the enclosure appears to have been the reason for the failure. An examination of the drives by our data recovery hardware specialists revealed them to all be in working condition.

Our data recovery engineers secured sector-by-sector image copies of each drive, with no problems found on any of the drives during the process. These images were then examined by our RAID data recovery specialists revealing them to be configured in a RAID 5 architecture, whereby the parity information is distributed across all the drives. A virtual RAID array was created, from which further processing was undertaken.

The virtual RAID array was then analysed, revealing an LVM partition scheme, which describes how the different data chunks have been allocated to different virtual file systems. Our software analysed the LVM, revealing two NTFS file system volumes, each of 3TB in size.

The two file systems were processed and found to contain 2.2TB and 830GB. The recovered files comprised an assortment of different files, ranging from a pair of large SQL databases, through to large number of office documents and images. As the RAID array was operating at the time of the failure, three files were found to have corrupt allocation information, otherwise rest of the data appeared to be intact.

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