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Internal RAID Card Failure

“Great work on returning all our data following the failure of our RAID card. Despite replacing the RAID card the configuration was lost. Taking good advice, sent the disks to DiskEng to recover our data.”

Gordon Wesley, City of London

Four red Western Digital 4TB NAS SATA hard disk drives arrived at our laboratory in Oxford from the City of London. An examination of the hard drives by our data recovery specialists revealed them to be fully operational and the failure of the RAID was caused by a damaged controller card.

Our data recovery specialists secured sector-by-sector copies of the four drives to our server. There were no bad sectors encountered during the imaging process of the drives. An examination of the images revealed that they had been configured as a four disk RAID 5 array.

A virtual RAID 5 array was created for the four disk images allowing our data recovery engineers to examine data. Our RAID data recovery specialists found that the RAID array contained two 6TB NTFS data volumes, one containing approximately 2.7TB and the other 2.8TB of files consisting of an assortment of office documents, databases, photos, other assorted user files and some important virtual disk images.

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