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Customer Reviews

  • NAS RAID Unit Failure December 14, 2016

    “A rebuild of our RAID failed after replacing a damaged drive in our NAS box, which forced it offline. Our engineer told us to send it for data recovery, suggesting DiskEng. Excellent service and many thanks for returning our data.”

    Ray Aston, Bath Read more

  • NAS RAID Array Failure October 14, 2016

    “The failure of our QNAP NAS enclosure severely disrupted our operations, threatening to put us out of business. It was important for an extremely fast recovery of our files. We are extremely pleased with the rapid turnaround and other advice. Many thanks.”

    Vernon Waters, Maidenhead Read more

  • Damaged RAID 50 Controller September 15, 2016

    “Thanks for recovering the data from our RAID array following a controller failure. The controller was replaced but the RAID array would not come back online, leaving us almost at a standstill.”

    Dave Scott, London Read more

  • RAID 5 SAN Rebuild Failed August 26, 2016

    “Our SAN server failed while attempting a rebuild, leaving us unable to access many important documents and files, which hadn’t been copied to our backup system. Thanks for all the advice and work in recovering our data.”

    Paul Reid, Manchester Read more

  • RAID 10 Rebuild Failure August 9, 2016

    “On return to the office on the Monday morning, we were horrified to find our RAID server had gone offline, with no option to rebuild the array. Many thanks for the hard work in recovering our data.”

    N Patel, Bracknell Read more

  • RAID Configuration Error July 22, 2016

    “Many thanks for returning some extremely important files not backed up, after our RAID died. When our RAID was set up we were told it was a RAID 5 array but when it failed an engineer told us it wasn’t and recommended calling DiskEng. Excellent service.”

    Will Ashbourne, withheld, North London Read more

  • RAID 5 Array Failure July 4, 2016

    “DiskEng have saved our business after the failure of our RAID system. I cannot thank them enough for the hard work they have put in to return our data.”

    Pavel Hachek, Newbury Read more

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