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Dell PowerEdge RAID Recovery

“A failure of our air conditioning unit resulted in our RAID server failing. Huge thanks for all the hard work and dedication in recovering all the data from our Dell PowerEdge Server. Would recommend the service to anyone requiring a recovery from their failed RAID server.”

David Willis, Edgbaston Consultancy Council, Birmingham

A Dell PowerEdge RAID server containing four 2TB Seagate hard disk drives arrived at our offices from Birmingham. After examining the drives our hardware specialists revealed that two of the drives were not working, one having suffered a catastrophic read/write head failure, after crashing into the disk platters. The other failed drive had suffered a controller board failure due to a fault with the voltage regulator, also probably due to overheating issues.

These failures were overcome, but the drive which had suffered the head crash was severely damaged, with approximately 60% of the raw sectors recoverable. The other drives were imaged to our servers without any errors. With a RAID 5 configuration having been used, the distributed parity allowed us to overcome the severe problems with the crashed drive.

An analysis of the hard disk drive images by our RAID data recovery specialists determined the RAID configuration, allowing the creation of a virtual RAID array. The virtual RAID array contained a 7.8TB NTFS data volume containing 3.7TB of files, including many office documents, photos, videos and several databases which were return to the customer.

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