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Deleted RAID 50 Configuration

“When our RAID array went into degraded mode we called an engineer, who attempted a rebuild which didn’t work. Unfortunately someone panicked and reset the RAID configuration, which put it offline.
After contacting DiskEng we took the good advice not to do any further work on the RAID. Thanks for the good advice and hard work in recovering our files and saving us from disaster.”

JF Tierney, MRP IT Consultancy, London

A twelve disk RAID box arrived at our offices from London. Following a failed rebuild, the RAID configuration was deleted, making it impossible to bring it back online.

When our hardware data recovery specialists examined the twelve 2TB hard disk drives they found one of the drives had suffered a PCB fault, probably caused by overheating. This fault was overcome by our hardware engineers, allowing them to take sector-by-sector images of all the drives. A couple of the drives including the failed one were found to contain a couple of hundred unreadable bad sectors.

An examination of the drive images revealed that the RAID contains parity data associated with a RAID 5 scheme. Further detailed analysis revealed two parity stripes with data striped across two RAID 5 configurations each consisting of 6 disks. Our data recovery specialists determined that a RAID 50 configuration had been used, for which a virtual RAID was created.

Due to the nature of the RAID 50 configuration the bad sectors could be corrected using the parity data. Our data recovery specialists found two NTFS data volumes, each 6TB in size, one containing 2.3TB of data, the other approximately 3.7TB of files.

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