Emergency RAID Recovery Services

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Data Recovery

Data recovery is a set of processes that provides for the searching and extraction of RAID data when normal access is impossible. Data recovery allows damaged or lost data to be recovered from any computer storage media.

Data can be recovered from any RAID array including RAID0 RAID5 RAID10 RAID50 and all RAID server storage systems. There are many user errors and server system errors that can cause RAID storage failure, but RAID array data can still be recovered using advanced data access and data processing.

RAID Server Faults
Computer will not boot
Server will not boot
Server freezes or running slow
Server keeps rebooting
Server reports disk failure
Server reports error codes
RAID controller failure
RAID disk failure
RAID drive offline
RAID 0 failure
RAID array lost
RAID 5 volume damage
RAID volume deleted or missing
RAID configuration corrupt
RAID array offline
Server files locked
Server files corrupt
Server files deleted or lost
All RAID Storage Recovered

Data Recovery Help

When you encounter a server or RAID array failure, any of the above errors may be reported. Reduce your server downtime, immediately stop further disk access and processes and contact DiskEng engineering team to discuss the problem.

We can diagnosis the problem with your server and recommend a complete solution to recover the data before it is too late. Call 01865 468 468 for free RAID array data recovery advice.

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