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Damaged RAID 50 Controller

“Thanks for recovering the data from our RAID array following a controller failure. The controller was replaced but the RAID array would not come back online, leaving us almost at a standstill.”

Dave Scott, London

We received a ten disk RAID array at our laboratory in Oxford from London. After the failure of the RAID controller the configuration was lost, most likely due to being stored on the controller, making it impossible to bring the array back online.

Our hardware data recovery specialists examined the ten 3TB Western Digital Read NAS ready hard disk drives. An examination of the drives revealed them all to be in working condition. During the process of securing sector-by-sector images of each drive, no unreadable bad sectors were encountered.

The drive images were examined by our data recovery specialist revealing the RAID contained parity data associated with a RAID 5 scheme. Further analysis revealed the presence of two parity stripes as a result of the data being striped across a pair RAID 5 array each containing five disks. Our data recovery specialists were able to determine the RAID 50 configuration which had been used, creating a virtual RAID array.

An examination of the virtual RAID volume by our data recovery specialists revealed a single XFS data volume 24TB in size. This volume was analysed and found to contained approximately 5.8TB of data, consisting of a virtual machine images, several large MySQL databases, photos, PDF documents and a considerable number of office documents.

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