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Corrupt Windows RAID 5 Configuration

“A Windows update failed leaving our server unbootable, the only solution being to eventually reload the operating system. Although all the disks from our RAID were showing online, but would not mount as a RAID array. Professional job by DiskEng to successfully recover our files. Many Thanks.”

Jeremy Mallin, Birmingham

Four 4TB Western Digital Red hard disk drives arrived at our laboratory in Oxford from Birmingham. The drives were examined by our hardware data recovery specialists, revealing there to be no faults with the hardware or the electronics on any of the disks. Sector-by-sector images where then secured by our hard disk data recovery specialists of all four drives. There were no unreadable bad sectors encountered during the imaging process for each hard disk drive.

An examination of the secured hard drive images revealed that the drives had been configured as a RAID using the Windows Logical Volume Manager (LVM) which should allow the drives to be mounted, even after reinstalling the operating system. In this particular instance the LVM configuration had been damaged, which most likely occurred at the same time as the update caused corruption of the operating system.

Further detailed examination of the drive images, revealed that the disks had been configured as a RAID 5 array. Our RAID data recovery engineers were able to determine the configuration, allowing the creation of a virtual RAID array, as the LVM configuration is not essential for the purposes of data recovery. An examination of the virtual RAID array revealed a single 12TB NTFS volume. It was possible to make a full recovery of the 5.4TB of files on the RAID array, which consisted of various types, from office documents, photos, scanned image files, virtual machine images and several databases.

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