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Corrupt RAID 0 Volume

“After upgrading to Windows 10 our RAID data volume was not found. We called an engineer who after looking at the system recommended DiskEng to us. Many thanks for restoring our data following this failure.”

Terry Bryant, Company confidential, Newbury

A set of three 2TB Western Digital Red NAS ready hard disk drives arrived at our laboratory in Oxford from Newbury. Our hardware engineers examined the hard drives finding all the disks to be fully operational. Sector-by-sector images of all three hard disk drives were secured with no problems found.

Our data recovery specialists examined the secured images of the drives, which revealed an NTFS data volume striped in a RAID 0 configuration for which a virtual volume was created. The RAID 0 array was found to contain a single 6TB NTFS data volume. A close examination of the NTFS data volume revealed corruption to the boot sector and Master File Table entries.

The NTFS data volume was found to contain approximately 3.5TB of data containing several SQL databases and some assorted office documents and presentations. In spite of the inherent risks related to using a RAID 0 array, all extracted files appeared to be intact.

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